تشویش Tashweesh is a multidisciplinary cultural project spanning multiple cities, aiming to create new feminist alliances while providing a space for artistic practices and interdisciplinary research in the field of intersectional feminism in South East Asia, North Africa and Europe. The project builds upon the experience of Tashweesh (2018), a multidisciplinary arts festival inviting artists, activists, thinkers on feminism which took place in Brussels and Cairo (with satellite programmes in Beirut and Tunis) and is co-funded by Creative Europe and carried out by Beursschouwburg (Belgium), Tanzquartier Wien (Austria), Goethe-Institut Brüssel (Belgium) and L'Art Rue (Tunisia). 

تشویش Tashweesh will conclude in three festivals held in three different cities of the project, Brussels, Vienna and Tunis. The festivals will take place in the fall of 2022.